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Applications, databases and colour development

ColourServe Ltd recognises the huge investment in time, effort and money made by users of colour management equipment. We offer application support to allow you to fully realise the potential of your investment, additional training or basic education as staff move on etc, and integration of the application into a production environment, such as linking to dispensers etc. Colour databases, often constructed and refined over long periods of time, are of greater value to a business than the equipment it supports; therefore database creation, development and support are key functions that we provide.  As with legacy equipment, old databases do not have to be written off and can be migrated to newer platforms and developed for years to come, driving new equipment if required. The key to success with databases is experience, understanding and knowing the pitfalls to watch out for, all of which we have in abundance. You may require a colour matching, QC and colour development service within your business but not have the equipment, expertise or resources. We have and can readily support all these requirements in our facility or on-site.

Project management, training and paint…

Are you involved in colour development, shade sorting, matching, colour palette production, raw material sourcing, colour QC in long supply chains, or any colour-related project where issues are proving difficult for your in-house teams to resolve? Bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of experience to your project; talk to us about the issues and let us combine our colour knowledge and project management experience to help tackle them. Sadly, knowledge of colour control in industrial processes is being lost every day in the UK as people leave manufacturing industries to work in other sectors. Let us help to fill the knowledge gap.

Do your teams have up to date knowledge on colour theory, effective colour communication terminology, even basic dos and don’ts in matching and QC? Make sure you maximise your most valuable asset… your people. ColourServe Ltd provides bespoke training from fundamentals of colour to QC and formulation software including everything in between.

We supply paint to a number of niche markets from standard greys for light cabinets and light rooms to specialist paint for factory-applied joinery coating. Having worked hand in hand with some of the biggest paint manufacturers around, we have the practical understanding of how to make colours and are able to do so for small scale projects as well as large. So if you have already talked to other paint manufacturers and not found a suitable product for your application, talk to us about what you need. We just might be able to help.

Support is part of our core business, we’ll solve your problems and make it work for you…

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