Colour is green…

Green-Picture v2 pure

…not only but also all the other hues, shades, tones etc, that are possible.

But why is accurate and consistent control of colour “green” in particular? Well, because the main consideration when looking to manage colour is to avoid errors, reduce time and cost and maintain standards in production, all of which are fundamentally “greener” in terms of reducing waste.

“Colour control is a powerful tool in your green armoury”

Effective and efficient colour control means…

  • Reduced manufacturing waste by getting it right first time
  • Reduced manufacturing energy requirements by not having to make things twice
  • Reduced transportation by not having to ship the wrong stuff back

The commercial benefits of getting colour right have long been accepted; understanding that this also translates into green and environmental benefits gives even greater justification for the investment in accurate colour measurement and control and therefore QED, Colour is Green.