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Colour Service and Certification

ColourServe Ltd provides service and certification of instrumentation for measurement and equipment for visual assessment to standards recognised by the industry such as NIST using methods fully compatible with all equipment manufacturers. It also offers a number of unique service and certification products including NPL traceable certification, e-Certification (allowing end users to certify and instrument remotely), colour training and education, and a full colour matching, QC and development service.

Service and support for instrumentation and visual assessment equipment

If you are looking to extract maximum value from your considerable investment in colour measurement equipment (and who isn’t?) then talk to us about refurbishment, service and re-calibration of instrumentation out of support by the manufacturer. As an independent business, ColourServe Ltd can support much of what manufacturers consider “end-of- life” but actually has plenty of life left in it with a good service. This legacy kit can then be included in your quality audit process again with peace of mind. Contact before you replace something that might not need replacing.