Office - 19 Service

Routine maintenance, repairs and breakdown cover

ColourServe Ltd provides routine maintenance of spectrophotometers and light boxes in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations and specifications, but also as may be required and agreed between ourselves and you, the customer. In the hopefully rare event of a breakdown, we provide repairs using either genuine spares and support as may be required or our own extensive stock of used parts and components, again, as agreed between ourselves and you, to suit your needs. In addition, we can also provide breakdown cover with the use of a stand in piece of equipment whilst yours is being repaired or by doing your measurements for you in our own well equipped facility.

Made to Measure service 

ColourServe Ltd provides an effectively bespoke service and repair facility tailored specifically to suit your requirements. From a complete service package covering all your equipment for annual / routine service, also including regular additional support visits, breakdown cover and spares to a one-off call out to change a lamp, etc, plus when you need us we’ll be there: day, night, weekend, as required to suit your needs.

Service is part of our core business, we’ll keep your kit running for you rather than trying to sell you a new one…

Contact us¬†and let’s get it fixed…