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Spectrophotometer and lighting certification

ColourServe Ltd provides certification of spectrophotometers and light boxes, to standards recognised by the industry, such as NIST;  in accordance with and using methods fully compatible with all equipment manufacturers recommendations and specifications, but also as may be required and agreed between ourselves and you, the customer. We offer all our certification facilities both on an on-site and a return to base basis, as best suits your needs.

Traceable certification through National Physical Laboratory

Extensive research by the Society of Dyers and Colourists has shown that no singular standard exists for routine spectrophotometer certification, each manufacturer being effectively in control of certification on their equipment albeit via an approved body, generally NIST. This means that the traceability between different manufacturer instruments lacks “robustness”, which arguably is an accepted limitation. It shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be.

As the only fully independent provider of certification on spectrophotometers for colour measurement, ColourServe Ltd can provide traceable certification from the National Physical Laboratory allowing true comparison to UK national standards for instruments from different manufacturers for the first time in a standard production environment.

Certification is part of our core business, we’ll deliver the standards, allowing you to meet yours…

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