There’s more to it than meets the eye!

eye                                                                          For my first day here at Colourserve for my work experience placement. I was a bit sceptical as to why all this was relevant, and why all this kit was needed for the industries.

I could never really see it at first. But I guess that’s because I never looked hard enough, taking colour for granted, I was trying to see the difference between two shades of the same colour. then realizing that with the technology we have today, colour could be read and thrown into a computer. But I realize now that if you look hard enough at anything you will usually be able to tell the difference.

I was shown one day how a business would have to first of all come up with a design. To then be made in a foreign country, only then to be sent back and be read to see if the colour and feel of the fabric was the same. Then it all made sense, because a business is not going to wan’t a product that is different colour in a different country. I know now why that was so important.

This being just one example of why all this is important, and how we see life.