Blue for you?

Blue Jeans (Closeup / Nahaufnahme)Here is a great post on Munsell Color Blog about colour control and the challenges therein within the dyeing and specifically indigo dyeing industries. Denim jeans are notoriously difficult to measure in terms of colour; perhaps the reason so many people love them is because the colour and textures vary so much, but there has to be a degree of control in such a large scale production environment. The most interesting comment in the post is that about the lack of understanding in textiles industries as regards colour. Although many large companies in this huge industry spend a fortune on hardware and software to measure colour, they skimp on training, or are let down by colour instrument manufacturers when it comes to support and training.

People are the most valuable asset of most businesses and it is people who are they key to getting good commercial decisions when colour matching in textiles.

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